ALMIZAN NATURAL | Healthy Way of Living
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What is Healthy Way of Living

“Healthy living is a holistic lifestyle that embraces both human beings and the environment. It involves consuming healthy organic food complemented by organic supplements and using organic/natural cosmetics and personal care products. It also recommends the use of organic/biodegradable cleaning materials to sustain the environment.”

Hashem Al-Alawy,
Founder Al Mizan Naturals

Organic Cleaning

Your home is always kept clean by using organic or eco friendly cleaning products coming from natural resources and biodegradable materials.

Organic Supplements

Superior quality supplements
that boost your health and
immune system.

Organic Food

Pulses, vegetables and fruits cultivated without using any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Animal products that are produced and processed without any chemicals, hormones or artificial ingredients.

Organic Beauty

Personal care and cosmetic products made of natural ingredients, including organic soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics.

Key Drivers of Growth In Organic Living

  • Step 1

    Healthier eating habits for educated and well travelled consumer in terms of nutrition, food and wellness among mid to high income bracket house- holds

  • Step 2

    Increasing customer concerns regarding the safety of foods due to pesticides, growth hormones, chemicals, artificial genetical engineered ingredients.

  • Step 3

    Organic farming and its positive effect on environment, particularly contributing to a healthier soil,
    water and sustainable agriculture practices.

  • Step 4

    Emergence of organic foods farmers, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers such as Wholefoods, International Chain, Al Mizan Natural as KSA local player.

Global Organic Industry at a Glance

Who are the Organic Consumers

The emergence of organic consumers is driving demand of organic products in traditional supermarkets and hypermarkets. The demographic profile of
these consumers include households with above USD 35,000 per year, with 50% being graduates of college or full time employees that are well educated
in terms of benefits of organic living.

1: Mass market

Consumers in thiscategory are health-driven , against pesticides and food additives They look for convenience and Pricing

2: Premium indulgence

These are the occasional buyers who seek higher quality products.

3: Conscious

The conscious consumers care about the environment and ethics. Niche brands and fair trade is best suited for them

4: Mass market

The Four Primary Organic Consumer Types

5: Beyond organic

This category refers to skeptical consumers. Specialist retailers and niche brands are best suited for them.